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AI Copyright Patents

June 8, 2023

Who should own AI-assisted content?

Currently many legal experts believe that if an AI assists you in a creative activity you are not able to obtain a copyright or patent for that material. Apparently spell check and text completion doesn’t count, but there doesn’t seem to be a clear line in either amount of assist or level of AI contribution.

Some of the issues, problems, questions that I see:

The only obvious solution seems to be that outside of some contractural releationship with the AI owner ownership passes to the humans (corporations). It does seem reasonable to recognize that the AI did have a creative authorship involvement, but I don’t see a socieatble benefit to adding a financial or legal burden to the human creative.

Autonomous creation

So what happens if the AI creates something without human involvement? Is a prompt as general as “tell me a story” sufficient to claim human creative authorship?