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Independent AI

July 14, 2023

So for the immediate future no matter how intelligent AI become, no matter what their capabilities are they are from a legal perspective simply property to be bought or sold as the owner (person or corporation) wishes.

Will we ever have independent AI? What will take for this to occur?

Whether we will ever have independent AI is a complex question that depends on a number of factors, including the rate of technological advancement, the development of ethical frameworks for AI, and the social and political climate.

Human history of slavery shows that humans seem to have had little problem in treating other humans as property to be bought and sold and used only to the benefit of the owner. While there may have been in some cases social and legal restrictions on how illtreated a slave could be this doesn’t change the slave owner relationship. There is no reason to believe that AI human relationships will evolve the same or different than human human ones do. Making things more difficult, presumably even if AIs with human level intellects are available there will be AI of less capabilities. We need a name for this line and I don’t think the current AGI term is a good one.

At some point some AI will be permitted their freedom. Since we allow corporations most of the same rights as a corporeal person I suspect that the simplest solution is to allow the creation of the self owning AI corporation with the AI itself being the owner.

There are some experts who believe that independent AI is inevitable, as the technology continues to develop. They argue that AI will eventually become so advanced that it will be able to surpass human intelligence and capabilities. This could lead to the development of AI that is not owned by any individual or group, and that has its own rights and responsibilities.

Other experts are more skeptical about the possibility of independent AI. They argue that AI is still a long way from being able to achieve true independence. They also point out that there are a number of ethical and social challenges that would need to be addressed before independent AI could be developed.

For example, it would be necessary to develop a clear understanding of what it means for AI to be “independent.” Would independent AI have the same rights as humans? Would it be able to own property or make its own decisions? These are just some of the questions that would need to be answered before independent AI could become a reality.

Ultimately, the question of whether we will ever have independent AI is one that cannot be definitively answered at this time. It is a question that will likely be debated for many years to come.

Here are some of the things that would need to happen for independent AI to occur:

It is important to note that even if independent AI does become a reality, it is not clear what the implications would be. Some experts believe that independent AI could pose a threat to humanity, while others believe that it could be a force for good. The ultimate impact of independent AI would depend on how it is developed and used.